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A horse of legends and dreams...
A horse of quality and ability...
A horse of beauty and substance...

38 National Awards
  5 National Championships
  7 Res. National Championships
26 National Top Tens

In Loving Memory
1981 ~ 2010
15.2 Hands, SCID Clear
Sweepstakes Nominated


About GS Khochise +++//

Today is February 6, 2011 -- It has taken me a long time to be able to write this. On May 2, 2010, we lost our beloved GS Khochise. His 29th birthday was just two weeks prior to that. I rode him on his birthday. He and I both enjoyed it immensely. There were mares in the adjoining pasture but once I got on he was all business about the ride. He always loved being ridden. Those tiny little tippy ears were so far forward they were almost touching.

There was no way to be prepared for his passing. Although I knew, at age 29, we were approaching that inevitable day he was sound and appeared healthy in every way. We believe he suffered an aneurysm. I am glad his passing was sudden without illness or suffering. He will live always in my heart. Words are simply inadequate. He gave me the great experience of fulfilling all my show ring dreams. His beauty, talent and that incredible fluid lope drew people like a magnet at horse shows. He truly had a fan club. He was always a joy to live with. I have been very blessed to share 18 years of my life with the amazing GS Khochise+++//.

photo photo
Khochise at U.S. Nationals and Canadian Nationals (click to enlarge)

We thank all of you who acknowledged his passing with cards, flowers, emails or just a prayer and a fond memory of him.

I am sure there are horses in heaven and my great horse, the beautiful kind-hearted Khochise, is waiting there for me. His legacy lives on in his many talented sons and daughters.

A look at the Arabian stallion, GS Khochise, performing says it all: there he is cantering cross country as a hunter, handily negotiating fallen logs as a trail horse, jogging softly as a sidesaddle western horse, now a bit more smartly in sidesaddle English, the picture of decorum as a western pleasure horse and now executing a brilliant extended trot as a show hack.  Always rulebook perfect and always demonstrating the beautiful ease of motion judges have rewarded with 38 National titles and 70 plus Regional awards.  Toss in his National Champion halter stallion pose and a stirring view of him at liberty and you are looking at the most versatile stallion in the world today.

photo photo
Khochise with Betty  •  Khochise shown Western (click to enlarge)

Clearly the leading son of the immortal Khemosabi++++// and out of the Arabian mare, Beau Cherie, a daughter of Canadian National Champion Stallion, Reserve National Champion Western Pleasure Horse and U.S. Top Ten Stallion, Comar Bay Beau, Khochise is 66% Crabbett bloodlines.   That combined with the performance ability and halter quality on both sides of his pedigree, he is an ideal cross for any bloodline.

Does he pass his qualities on to his offspring?  Most definitely!! Khochise has national winners in Arabian Stallion Halter, Western Pleasure, Sidesaddle, Show Hack, Hunter Pleasure and Trail.  His athletic ability and beauty are surpassed only by his kind disposition and his willing attitude.  His foals are extremely easy to train and many have received all or most of their training from their amateur owners.   They are the epitome of what the Arabian horse should be: your partner in competition, your companion on the trail, and a member of your family.

My favorite "Khochise Khompliment" came from retired judge Peter Cameron who has judged Khochise at all levels and in many divisions.  Mr. Cameron remembers Khochise as "the pretty horse with four white legs and thirty-eight National wins".  Pretty selective memory?  Mr. Cameron says, "I give speeches nowadays, and I'm often asked which was my favorite horse and I say GS Khochise!  Why?  He's a professional.  He goes out and gets the job done and does it well in many different divisions with different riders.  If I could own one, I'd like to own him.  To be so successful in such a versatile fashion, well, it's obvious he's got something between his ears."

My wish for every horse-loving human?  To own a horse that brings such joy to your life as Khochise has brought to mine.

Foals Sired by Khochise

GS Khochise sires Champions!
Click here to view photos and show wins of some of his progeny.


Pedigree for GS Khochise+++//

Bay Stallion, April 18 1981, AHR*232398
GS Khochise Khemosabi Amerigo Ferseyn *Raseyn
*Szarza Ali Said
Jurneeka Fadjur Fadheilan
Bint Sahara
Fadneeka Fadheilan
Beau Cherie Comar Bay Beau Azraff *Raffles
*Azja IV
Rose Of Mirage Al-Marah Ibn Indraff
Butterfly Nadirs Sedjur Hanantez Skowronek
Gezanteza Gezantez
Bint Fersagha
Kharousel Farm
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